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The Association aims to create social and human dynamics in society. We will do this with a dialogic collaboration with other associations creating an understanding of different cultures that live side by side with each other. We will provide the priority in the essence of being a human being as the most important issue in our projects. We will make an effort so everybody regardless of color, ethnicity and background can have a place in this society. As a society we have to work together to make this to a reality.
Our association represents dialogue, tolerance and altruism.



The purpose of promotion
To create a network and to build cooperation with various institutions, associations, organizations, businesses etc. at a national level in order to create various common events and activities for the target audience of social, cultural and sporting nature.
To act as a guide for the target audience in terms of the options available in the Icelandic education system and labor market as well as to help them in their education and to increase the individual's future opportunities.

To contribute creating dialogue and building up bridges between cultures in Iceland through various events in order to promote the understanding, the respect and the dialogue between different cultures.

To act as an activity center, a place for information retrieval, knowledge transfer and individual counseling as well as an outgoing local multicultural center.













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