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§2 Purpose

The Association aims to create social and human dynamics in society. We will do this with a dialogic collaboration with other associations creating an understanding of different cultures that live side by side with each other. We will provide the priority in the essence of being a human being as the most important issue in our projects. We will make an effort so everybody regardless of color, ethnicity and background can have a place in this society. As a society we have to work together to make this to a reality.
Our association represents dialogue, tolerance and altruism.



§3 The purpose of promotion

To create a network and to build cooperation with various institutions, associations, organizations, businesses etc. at a national level in order to create various common events and activities for the target audience of social, cultural and sporting nature.

To act as a guide for the target audience in terms of the options available in the Icelandic education system and labor market as well as to help them in their education and to increase the individual's future opportunities.


To contribute creating dialogue and building up bridges between cultures in Iceland through various events in order to promote the understanding, the respect and the dialogue between different cultures.


To act as an activity center, a place for information retrieval, knowledge transfer and individual counseling as well as an outgoing local multicultural center.




§ 4 - Membership


4.1 The Association is open to anyone who acknowledges the purpose of the association and its membership conditions.


4.2 The rights of the membership occur by paying an annual subscription which currently is XXX .


4.3: An infringement of the conditions which are listed below will take place at the following;


The member does not pay any annual subscription according to the established annual general meeting payment terms.


The member works against the regulations of the association.


4.4 The management board who is elected by the general meeting may decide to exclude a member if that does not comply with the conditions listed below. The exclusions can only take place if at least 2/3 of the board are unanimous in their decision.




§ 5 - Contingent


5.1 The size of the annual subscription and the applicable payment terms must be determined at the general meeting.


5.2 The receipt of the payment of the contingents must be valid for each member of the association. 




§ 6 - The General Meeting


6.1 The annual general meeting is the highest authority of the association.


6.2 The annual general meeting will take place once a year by the end of May.


6.3 The members shall be convened in writing to the general assembly within 14 days’ notice. The notice shall contain the time, date, place, agenda and the suggestions of the board of the candidates for the union representative and a call for members to submit proposals for agenda items.


6.4 Proposals which are received must be seen by the board at least 7 days before the general meeting.


6.5 The board must send all the proposals for the agenda to the members at least 5 days before the actual meeting.


6.6 The board may in some circumstances postpone the general meeting more than once. In this case the board must convene the postponed general meeting within a month as it is described in the paragraphs 6.3 and 6.5, giving reasons for the delay.


6.7 The board or at least 1/ 3 of the members may convene an extraordinary general meeting.


6.8 The members must in writing convene an extraordinary general meeting within 7 days’ notice.


6.9 The agenda of the meetings in the General Meeting shall include the following terms;

1) Election of a chairman.

2) Selection of a rapporteur.

3) Approval of the agenda.

4) Presentation of the directors' report for approval.

5) Accounting, reporting and approval.

6) Consideration of the proposals.

7) Establishing an annual subscription.

8) Election of the board members and alternates.

9) Election of the auditor.

10) Any other business.


6.10 The general meeting shall form a quorum when least than one quarter of the voting members are present.


6.11 All the members who have paid their subscription are entitled to vote and set up the union representatives.


6.12 Decisions are taken by the majority.


6.13 The voting is taken by a show of hands unless at least one member requests a secret vote. The election of the board is always made by a secret vote. Each member is entitled to vote for maximum 3 candidates for the board.




§ 7 The board


7.1 The general meeting is the highest authority in the association followed by the board of and the board is the executive director of the association.


7.2 The board is elected at the general meeting for 1 year at a time.


7.3 The board shall consist of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9 members and two alternates.


7.4 The board constitutes itself at least to appoint a chairman, a vice chairman and a cashier among themselves.


7.5 The board shall decide its own procedure.


7.6 The chairman (in his absence the deputy chairman) shall convene board meetings by sending draft agenda at least one week before the meeting.


7.7 The board shall meet once a month or when 1/3 of the board make a request by contacting the chairman.


7.8 The board is quorum when at least 2/3 of the members present and when the decisions are taken by majority vote.


7.9 The chairman, in his absence the deputy chairman and the cashier have subscription rights in the association.




§ 8 – The working groups and the committees


8.1 An activity group or committee must be approved by the board.


8.2 For an activity or a committee involving attachment of the staff the board must appoint an activity leader or committee chairman.


8.3 An activity group and a committee must report to the board.




§ 9 - Accounting


9.1 The financial year is the calendar year.


9.2 The financial statements must be prepared by the cashier and shall be reviewed the elected auditor of the general meeting. The auditor may at any time have access to inspect accounting and inventory.


9.3 The financial statements must be submitted to the general meeting in revised condition.


9.4 The board is responsible for preparing budget estimates for individual activities / events and the daily administration.


9.5 The cashier is responsible for the report of the financial statements at the general meeting and report of the financial year to the board.




§ 10 - Amendments to the statutes


10.1 The amendments to the statutes can only be done on ordinary or extraordinary general meetings and will take effect immediately.

10.2 The amendment to the statutes may in ordinary or extraordinary general meetings be passed by the majority of the voting in the general meeting.




§ 11 - Dissolution of the association


11.1 The association may only be dissolved at an annual or extraordinary general meeting.


11.2 The resolution can be adopted by at least the 2/3 of the majority.


11.3 The bankroll of the association and equipment can be transferred to other organizations that are in accordance with the purpose of the association




§ 12 - Pre-emptive


12.1 To withdraw from the account of the association requires the presence of the chairman and / or the deputy chairman.












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