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Pangea Stærðfræðikeppni 2024

The first round of Pangea Stærðfræðikeppni 2024 will be introduced with the first round starting on February 7th, 2023. Second round will take place on March 7th, while the finals will take place on April 13th

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Ramadan Dialogue Dinner 2024

Dialog has always played an essential role for Félag Horizon. As Fethullah Gúlen mentiones: "There should be a chair in your heart where everybody can sit. We will be organizing a Ramadan Dialogue dinner March 17th, 2024. 

Conference: Empowerment of Muslim women in Iceland 2024

Previous studies have shown that Muslim women's empowerment significantly contributed to inclusion in formal and non-formal justice systems. Félag Horizon plays a strong emphasis on equality and altruism. An academic conference will be organized based on empowerment of Muslim women in the Icelandic society - with a presentation of the Hizmet model of empowerment. 

Pangea 2017
Invitation Pangea

Conference: Social inclusion, mentorship and minority group in Iceland, 2024

There is a strong necessity to understand minority youth groups in Iceland  involving the implementation of methods and guidelines, that can be adapted by schools and educational institutions in Iceland. That involves ways of including the minority groups and create better path-ways of reaching the parents of these children, since prior research has shown challenges in communication between teachers and parents.  A strong emphasis will be based on the so called "Hizmet Model". 

Inclusion and diversity

Photo competition 2024. Details will follow later

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