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Félag Horizon - Love is a Verb

Félag Horizon arranged a film gala for the Premiere of the documentary 'Love is a Verb' the 3rd of June at Háskola Bio. The executive-producer of the documentary, Kenneth L. Hunter, was our honorary guest in the film gala.

Félag Horizon Dialogue Iftar Dinner

Félag Horizon organized July 24th a Dialogue Dinner at Nauthöll where guests from all walks of life were invited. There were held speeches, enjoyed live music from Byzantine Silhouette, watched performance by the Whirling Dervish (Semazen) and dined the delicious food. 

Ashura even in Neskirkja

Félag Horizon arrganged with Neskirkja an Ashura event in Neskirkja. The 130 guests that attended the event listened to the speeches about the positive dialogue, enjoyed the Sema performance (Whirling Dervis), watched and tried the Turkish art Ebru, (water marbling) and tasted the ashura and other delicious tastes.

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